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 People call us ‘Mentor’ in Water, Waste Water, Solar Water Heating sytems, we have proved that at least in Uttarakhand, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Chandigarh. We started our journey in year 2005-06 in the form of ‘Mentor Enterprises’ by direct selling products of some of the renowned companies in Dehradun with group of some experienced people from water industry.

Then onwards we never looked back. In year 2006-07 we added distributorship of some Companies and started selling their products through Dealers network in Garhwal region and we achieved growth of almost 200 percent.

In year 2007-08 we added distributorship of Ion Exchange (India) Limited and started selling their products in Dehradun and Haldwani through our Direct Selling Teams and through Dealers network, we achieved a growth of almost 150 percent.

In year 2008-09 we spreaded our business in all part of Garhwal Region and some parts of Kumaun Region as well, and we achieved growth of 150 percent.

In year 2009-10 we became Channel partner of ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LIMITED in Institutions Division. We Focused  on Institutions,  Hospitals and Industries. This year we achieved growth of 200 percent.

In year 2010-11 our focus in Institutions and industrial business paid of and we got maximum growth of 300 percent in this Financial year, by the Grace of God and belief of people on us, we have more than 5,000.00 Individual customers ,more than 50 Institutes and Hospitals and more than 40 industries with us to whom we are providing satisfactory services .

Our Target for this Financial Year is Rs.5 crore. 

Only because of the belief of people in us today we are “Mentor water Experts Pvt.Ltd.” and Now we are an ISO-9001:2008 Certified  and NSCI Rated Company.

Dedicated to the cause of providing healthier living, today we have successfully established ourselves as a Business Brand. Our dedicated team works around the clock to make your lives healthier and more secure. We strive to provide the best after sales service.

• Code of Conduct:

Territory: The representative will sell the products of the company to the customer within the specified boundaries/territories approved by the company.

• Information and Use of the Products:
The representative will offer product details to the customer with a necessary product demonstration. Apart from this , more information is available in brochures, user maual or literature published/issued by the company.

The representative shall not exaggerate claims/features of the product.

The representative will inform the customer about any scheme with the products which are officially announced by the company.

• Standard and Quality of the Product:
The representative will offer the details about the standard and quality of the products which are mentioned in the brochure, user manual/literature and which are confirmed by respective authorities by certificate.

• Technical Aspect:
The representative will inform technical details to the customer which are mentioned in the brochure, user manual/literature.

• Price of the Product:
The representative will offer the products to the customer on such price which is fixed by the company and there will be no deviation from the same.

• Promises:
Verbal and Written. The representative will offer those promises which are fair and can be fulfilled within the company's policies. The representative shall give accurate and understandable answers to all questions from the customers regarding the product, price or any other matter related to the product or services.

• Commitment:
The representative will offer those commitments which can be honored within the company's policy and within the time frame given by the company.

• The representative will honor the commitment within the time frame given by the company regarding:

• Advances to be converted into sales
• Delivery of the products
• Installation of the products, if required
• Deputation of representative
• Within Warranty, Out of Warranty
• Within Contract, Out of Contract
• Need based Services

• Business Practice:

The customer is the sole focus of our business. We constantly direct all our efforts towards achieving maximum customer satisfaction by delivering products and services to the best value and quality.

We strive to honor our commitments, implied or expressed to both our internal and external customers.

We stress on integrity, transparency and consistency in all our dealings. We always strive to a trusting, mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship with out business associates. We seek to maintain a warm, positive and friendly work environment where everyone shares a mutual feeling of respect for each other. We encourage teamwork, motivate and train our people to perfect their skills for the benefit of the individual and the organization. We set, communicate and pursue clear operational guidelines and business strategies. We empower people at appropriate levels to achieve their goals. We recognize and reward merit and performance. We strive to make the organization a responsible corporate citizen.

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