Our Services

1. Water Treatment Plant (WTP).
2. Sewage Treatment plants (STP).
3. POU and Centralized R.O. Systems.
4. Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP).
5. Water Supply and Distribution /Pumping Station etc.

B. Preparation of Detailed Project Reports on:
1. Water Supply Schemes & Water Treatment Plant.
2. Sewerage System & Sewage Treatment Plant.
3. Water Softening and Demineralization Plants.
4. Rain Water Treatment.
5. River Water Treatment.
6. Mineral Water Plants.
7. Bottling Plants.
8. Soda Making plants.

C. Operation and Maintenance of ETP, WTP, STP, R.O. System (Industrial and Domestic) on Annual contracts basic.

D. Water Treatment Chemicals for industries and institutions.

F. Distribution of Products of some reputed companies in Garhwal region.

G. Providing Products and Services at the door step in Dehradun.

H. Providing Exclusive Service Engineer for institutes where machine population is more than 30.

I. Sales & Servicing of Solar Water Heating Systems and Photo Voltic Systems of Electrotherm(Electra) in Garhwal   
    Region of Uttarakhand.

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